Professional Oven Cleaning in St Helens

Complete Oven Cleaning is a family-run business, offering professional oven cleaning in St Helens and throughout the North West. In addition to ovens, we also clean extractor hoods, microwave ovens, and even barbeques!

Why choose a professional oven cleaner in St Helens?

Most people delay cleaning their oven for as long as possible, which results in a continual build up of dirt and grease. So, when they eventually attempt to clean the oven it is virtually impossible to do it effectively, especially with over the counter cleaning products. As professionals, we use high-quality equipment and materials, enabling us to clean your oven to a high standard.

We clean your oven inside and out, along with all shelves and racks. As well as being extremely effective, all the products we use are non-caustic and non-toxic. This means that as soon as we have completed our cleaning, your oven is ready to use.


The cost of cleaning varies and is dependent on the type of oven. Bear in mind that professional cleaning will, invariably, prolong the life of your oven. So, in effect, regular cleaning could actually save you money.

Why use Complete Oven Cleaning?

We are a family-owned business, not a franchise, and, as such, take pride in the quality of our product. We know there are many oven cleaning services available, so we strive to be better than our competitors and deliver an exceptional service.

Our customers are our livelihood, so we have worked hard to make our company successful and grow our customer base. As a result, we not only offer oven cleaning in St Helens and the immediate area but have extended our business to include Manchester, Liverpool and Bolton.

If you live in any of these areas and need a professional oven cleaning service, contact us by telephoning 01925 762526 or email us at