Is Cola Your Next Oven Cleaner?

Could a carbonated drink like Coca Cola be your next oven cleaner?

You will have heard countless stories over the wear and tear of tooth enamel on fizzy drinks and how many sugars our popular cola drinks have. Similarly, you will have heard about the non-food properties of the caffeinated cold drink. Especially for shiny pennies and jewellery.

Cola Oven Cleaner image by Coke Man (via Shutterstock).
The real thing for oven cleaning? Any cola could be used for oven cleaning. Image by Cola Kid (via Shutterstock).

Did you know that Coca Cola is good for oven cleaning? We kid you not. This demonstration video shows you how clean your cooker hobs are after being dowsed in cola. You don’t need to use any of the leading brands. The most unpleasant tasting supermarket own brand (especially those which taste like fizzy Benylin) should suffice.

How does this work? Cola is good for getting your oven racks cleaned. All you need to do is remove the racks from your oven then soak them in tooth-rotting caffeinated beverage. 15 minutes should be enough. To finish, gently scrub the racks with a Brillo pad, rinse off the sickly sweet brown stuff and you’re done. Leave them to dry before putting them back in the oven.

Apart from being a cheaper option, any own brand cola works better on your oven than your teeth. With oven cleaners, you get obnoxious fumes, likely to cause respiratory problems. A 39p own brand no-frills sugary fizzy drink can do the job just as well.

Do you use Coca Cola or any other branded cola for cleaning? Our fellows in Atlanta think you should stick to your usual cleaning product but, feel free to comment.

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