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Baking Soda as an Oven Cleaner?

Baking soda can be picked up for a pittance in most supermarkets but, is it any good as an oven cleaner?

Baking soda image by Anythings (via Shutterstocks).
Loves the jobs you hate? Baking soda and vinegar has often been hailed as a good natural oven cleaner. Image by Anythings (via Shutterstock).

Baking soda, as many of us know, is good for a lot of non-baking uses. It is used in toothpaste for teeth whitening; it has powered many a toy boat or submarine seen inside packets of breakfast cereal. Did you know that, alongside cola drinks, it can be used for oven cleaning? Continue reading Baking Soda as an Oven Cleaner?

Is Cola Your Next Oven Cleaner?

Could a carbonated drink like Coca Cola be your next oven cleaner?

Cola Oven Cleaner image by Coke Man (via Shutterstock).
The real thing for oven cleaning? Any cola could be used for oven cleaning. Image by Cola Kid (via Shutterstock).

You will have heard countless stories over the wear and tear of tooth enamel on fizzy drinks and how many sugars our popular cola drinks have. Similarly, you will have heard about the non-food properties of the caffeinated cold drink. Especially for shiny pennies and jewellery.

Continue reading Is Cola Your Next Oven Cleaner?

The History Of The Oven

The oven has been around for centuries, since the ancient Greek era and is still in today’s modern world a vital necessity. In the US In the following infographic, we take a look at the evolution of the oven and how technology has advanced the performance and looks. According to statista, in 2015, there were over 11 million microwave ovens shipped within the U.S. 996.4 thousand units are expected to be consumed by Q4 of January 2017.

As you can see by the results the oven is by popular demand and this demand is expected to grow. So for all your oven cleaning needs, get in touch with us on 01925 762526 and a member of our experienced team will be on hand to assist.The History of The Oven

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